The motto of NCC is UNITY and DISCIPLENE and the AIM of NCC is to develop a human resource of organized, trained, motivated youth, to provide leadership in all works and ways of life and always available for the service of the Nation. And also to provide a suitable environment to motivate youth to join Armed Forces. Keeping in the view of AIM and Motto of NCC our Vidyalaya is running a half troop of NCC smoothly since the year 2008 under guidance of one Associate NCC Officer.

 The NCC Unit of this Vidyalya was raised in the year 2008 vide letter no.11NCC/28/TRG(iii)dated 27 NOV,2008 of 11Haryana BN NCC Bhiwani , under Group HQ Rohtak and Directorate of Chandigarh. At present half JD troop of 50 cadets is running smoothly in the Vidyalya. A number of students have successfully completed their “A” certificate till dated. In addition every year the full vacancy for annual training camp is utilised by the Vidyalya. The cadets of our Vidyalya have performed outstanding in the various competition held at Annual Training Camps. The parade days are fixed as Saturdays of every week.

The cadets practices for; drills, fire fighting practices, weapon classes, First Aids and civil safety. The cadets of Vidyalya also actively contributed in ‘Pulse Polio Drives’ and plantation. They contribute in awareness programms regarding health and hygiene, HIV, AIDS, Drugs abuse and Anti-tobacco drives.