The ‘Vidyalya’ It has 14 class rooms, subject wise labs, Audio Visual Lab, Smart Class, playgrounds, beautiful park, MP Hall Principal’s chamber, Vice- Principal’s chamber Administrative office, Staff room and First Aid room. The school also have a MP Hall.

Special Coaching:  The provision of Special Coaching facilities is available in the Vidyalya.

Labs:     The well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Maths., Geography, Biology labs are available.

Art Room:    A well equipped art room is available in the Vidyalaya.

Music Room:   In the school Indian Classical Music, Semi Classical, Light Music have been taught and instrumental synthesizer, harmonium, table Drum set etc. are available for training to students.

Elect & Water Supply System:   A well planned electricity and water supply system has been established in the Vidyalya.

MP Hall:    A well equipped and furnished Multi Purpose hall is available for different cultural programs, Morning assembly etc.

Multi Gym:   Multi Gym is available in the school, which is available to students in evening time.

Residential Quarters:   One Principal’s residence, 40 quarters for teachers and staffs and one guest room.

House System: This is a totally residential school. All students are divided into four houses (Arvali, Neelgiri, Shivalik and Udaigiri house). From class 6th to 8th students leave in Junior house(Arvali Jr., Shivalik Jr., Udaigiri Jr. and Neelgiri Jr.) and 9th – 12th classes leave in Senior houses(Arvali Sr., Shivalik Sr., Udaigiri Sr. and Neelgiri Sr.). Each Jr. house contains 40 students and Senior house 60 students.

Girls houses are situated separately and they also leave in Junior & Senior system. All the houses are well equipped with all necessary facilities. To develop the leadership quality among students each house appoint as House Captain, Vice Captain, Games Captain, Academic Perfect, Library Perfect, CCA Perfect, Mess Perfect and Wing Perfect. They are responsible about all the activities accordingly.

 Mess Facilities:  There are two dining halls, which are well furnished with sufficient space so that all the students can take their diet at once. Teachers and students take meals simultaneously. The service is provided by the students as pre decided house wise schedule. Utensils to the students are provided by the school.

Food :   Pure vegetarian, hygenic and Nutrition Food (Roti, Rice, Dal , Vegetable, Salad, curd, fruits, and snacks etc.) provided to the students. Once in a week there is an arrangement of special diet also. The staff nurse daily checks the food before seve.

Mess menu will be decided by the mess committee members(all the house representative and house master, mess incharge, Catering Assistant and Principal)

Stores :   Student required daily use items and study material. For this in house there is provision of Store Room. As per requirement of the student he takes all the things from store room. Generally following items are available in store room.

1. Hair Oil, Paste, Tooth Brush, Washing & Bathing Soap

2. School T-shirts, School Uniforms, Neck Tie

3. Note Book, Pen, Pencil, Geometry Box, eraser, practical note book

4. Footwear, Shoes, Socks etc.

5. Mattress, Bed Sheet, Pillow & Cover, Blanket, Mosquito Net,

6. Composite Plates, Spoon, Glass

Medical Facility: In the Vidyalya semi equipped MI Room is available. Staff Nurse is available in the Vidyalya and a Doctor from Govt. Hospital visits twice in a week.

IT Facility The importance of Computer-Technology in Education, whether it is its use to support teaching and learning, or to develop student IT caliber, or to support educational management, is now recognized throughout the world. Keeping this in view JNV, Jaswantpura is well equipped with a High-Tech Computer-Lab and well qualified faculty. Students are provided with the following facilities:

• Latest Multimedia PCs(36)

• Internet facility through VSAT broad band connectivity

• Computer Science & Informatics Practices as an elective subject for 11th & 12th classes

• Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based education

• A huge Collection of Educational-Software

• Mini Generator

Library:  A well furnished library is available which have 5700 books, Magazines 11 and News Papers 5(double copy). It also contains sufficient reference books for each subject.

Migration facility:   To improve the national integrity, there is facility to learn and knows about their culture. In this facility the vidyalya is linked to JNV West Godwari, Andhra Pradesh. The third language is Telugu.

Washing & Dry Cleaning : For Student requirement dry-cleaning is also available.

Vacations: Autumn Break, Winter Break and Summer Vacation (Total vacation Period is 3 months)

Games & Sports Games and Sports are encouraged in school to develop fitness, physical and neuromuscular skills and to promote the spirit of cooperation and sportsman. Every student have fully chance to improve his mettles in every game. Two basketball ground, four Kho-Kho ground, six volleyball ground & one football ground with 200X100 meter tracks. House wise competition is conducted every year. Sports day also celebrated every year.NVS organizes school level, cluster level, regional level and national level competitions in sports and games every year. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti(NVS) is a state under School Games Federation of India(SGFI) and the Navodaya National teams compete with other state teams under SGFI banner. The progress made by the school on sports front is commendable. A girls student (Geeta Choudhary) participated in SGFI(Kho-Kho -under 17)

Scouts & Guide: Scouts and Guides wing is availabel in the Vidyalya.

NCC:   The NCC Unit of this Vidyalya was raised in the year 2008 vide letter no.11NCC/28/TRG(iii)dated 27 NOV,2008 of 11Haryana BN NCC Bhiwani , under Group HQ Rohtak and Directorate of Chandigarh. At present half JD troop of 50 cadets is running smoothly in the Vidyalya. A number of students have successfully completed their “A” certificate till dated. In addition every year the full vacancy for annual training camp is utilised by the Vidyalya. The cadets of our Vidyalya have performed outstanding in the various competition held at Annual Training Camps. The parade days are fixed as Saturdays of every week.

The cadets practices for; drills, fire fighting practices, weapon classes, First Aids and civil safety. The cadets of Vidyalya also actively contributed in ‘Pulse Polio Drives’ and plantation. They contribute in awareness programms regarding health and hygiene, HIV, AIDS, Drugs abuse and Anti-tobacco drives.

Pace Setting: Computer Literacy Program is being conducted every year under Pace -Setting Activity during vacation period. Students from neighboring schools participate in this program. In this program basic computer knowledge is given to the students.

The Vidyalya is also undertaking several other community programmes, like eradication of illiteracy, adoption of villages for awareness programme of health, malnutrition, HIV AIDS etc.

Barber & Tailor : A barber and tailor is available to meet out the needs of students free of cost.

Canteen Service: Canteen is available is the campus for daily use items of a student.

Suggestion Box and letter Box: Suggestion box and letter box are available in Vidyalya.