Fourteen Points Programmed For Monitoring Safety and Security of Children

1.  Daily verification of M.O.D. report by the Principal.

2.  Monthly updating of students medical record and verification by the Principal.

3. Daily visit of House Master to dormitory, interaction with children particularly migrated children, along with verification of issue of students article.

4.  Availability of drinking water and maintenance of running water facility to toilets and bathrooms.

5.  Nominating a suitable counselor for counseling of emotionally disturbed children.

6.  Assigning rotational responsibility to designated staff for supervision of physical hazards / danger points in and around campus and taking remedial action.

7. Weekly review meeting by Principal with House Masters and House Captions.

8. Operationalizing Vidyalaya Control Register. M & R/ Complaint Register and grievance box. All to be directly monitored by Principal.

9. Locking dormitory during day time and school building during night.

10. Cleaning of bushes and adequate lightening in the campus.

11.  Regulating entry/exit at main gate.

12. Proper repair of boundary walls.

13. Monthly fumigation in campus to control insects/mosquitoes.

14. Sick children to stay in MI room under supervision of Staff Nurse and not in dormitories during day time.